What are graphene stocks?

15th June 2023


If you have heard about graphene but are wondering what graphene stocks are, then this will help you understand the graphene market better. As demand for this versatile material continues to grow, thanks to it being integral for numerous industries in the world today, graphene stocks are proving their worth.

What is graphene?

At just one atom thick, graphene has the distinction of being the thinnest material currently known to man. It is so thin it is considered two dimensional being one million times thinner than paper. Yet, despite being so thin, graphene is one of the strongest materials found today, about 200 times stronger than steel.

Graphene seems to possess a seemingly unlimited potential which is how it has become so important for modern industries. It is an excellent conductor for both heat and electricity and the capability to absorb light are just some of its many remarkable abilities.

What is graphene made out of?

Graphene forms naturally and is composed of pure carbon as a single sheet in a flat hexagon pattern. When there is a change to this structure it is no longer graphene but a graphene derivative. Different mines around the world produce different grades and types of graphene. Single-layer graphene is of a high quality with graphene flakes being of a lesser quality.

The rising demand for graphene stocks 

The demand for graphene stocks is increasing because the material has proved itself invaluable to industries for its adaptability, flexibility and strength. It is utilised in a number of industries providing itself to be a must-have material.

Medical industry – Its unique properties has allowed for ground-breaking biomedical applications among other uses

Electronics –Touch screens to smart phones to laptops to tablets became incredibly fast once graphene was placed in the computer circuitry. It is used in lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars, it is used in brake linings, in gaskets and clutch materials, which is why graphene is much sought after.

Construction industry – It has been pivotal in construction sites using less concrete which helps reduce greenhouse emissions.

Coatings and paints – Thanks to its high resistivity it is durable and does not crack while being resistant to water and oil which is why graphene paints are so popular. They are used as solar paints to absorb solar energy, insulation paints for houses and anti-rust coatings to name a few.

The graphene market 

The Global Graphene Market is expected to witness a significant growth of USD 811.40 million by 2023 with CAGR of 43.0% between 2016 and 2023. Such a significant growth is predicted as the demand for graphene keeps increasing. It plays such an important role in the electronics, pharmaceutical, energy, paints and coating industries that demand just keeps growing. In 2020 the global graphene market size was estimated at USD 94.4 million and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Graphene stocks 

It is a very good time to buy and invest in graphene stocks as the demand for the material shows no signs of diminishing. Companies involved with the material in some form from graphene based research, to graphene centred businesses to manufacturing of graphene products all find it very rewarding. As the material emerges as one of the most promising nanomaterials it has already more than proved its importance in a wide selection of global industries. 

How do you buy graphene stock?

Some mines do produce better or higher quality graphene to others, but there is a demand for all variations of graphene. Do research and seek professional advice regarding the types of stock that would suit your financial abilities. Higher quality mines will require a higher investment. 

Making the right investment is all about selecting the correct graphite mines to invest in. Gain the necessary knowledge regarding the market from trends, stocks, market size and growth, projected uses and demands, manufactures and end uses to make an informed decision.


Graphene stocks are proving to be interesting investments right now, as the material keeps on improving innovation in modern industries. High performing graphene is the material that keeps on giving and investing in it will be the gift that keeps on giving.