25th July 2023
Introduction Natural graphite is used in a myriad of modern industries from the steel industry to the lithium ion batteries industry and for the automotive industry in the form of brake linings, gaskets and clutch materials. It is important for refractories as well as the simple pencil alike, which just shows how important graphite is […]
26th June 2023
Introduction  As with the previous year, the demand for graphite is likely to continue increasing in 2023, due to the lithium ion batteries market and other technologies such as fuel cells and graphene. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow the graphite demand will continue to grow as well. According to the International Energy […]
25th June 2023
Introduction Owing to the covid-19 pandemic global natural graphite production did take a hit due to lockdowns and restrictions but has since been showing rapid growth with a projected CAGR of 10% during 2021-2025. After the pandemic, global natural graphite mining and market demand have both increased and are predicted to continue to do so […]
22nd June 2023
Introduction Graphite is a mineral that owing to its unique structure and conductivity is widely used in a variety of industries. There are impurities found in the natural graphite ore composition which varies from one graphite mine to another. Graphite purification is the process of purifying the natural graphite of its impurity components to source […]
20th June 2023
Introduction Though a non-metallic mineral graphite has properties that are similar to metals such as heat and electricity conductivity. Currently China, North America, and India form the largest graphite producers with over 80% of global production with Sri Lanka becoming a contender in the graphite producer market. As with any industry there are both graphite […]
18th June 2023
Introduction Despite some discussions regarding changes to the battery chemistry, experts predict that we will see a surging graphite demand  as graphite will remain a dominant element for electric vehicles or EV batteries and lithium ion batteries, at least for the next decade. The demand incorporates both natural and synthetic graphite. According to the International […]
16th June 2023
Graphite is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon also called plumbago. It consists of carbon and is a native element found in igneous and metamorphic rocks and is a mineral of extremes being soft and pliable yet very stable within ordinary atmospheric conditions. In its natural form graphite has a layered structure with rings of six carbon atoms arranged in widely spaced horizontal sheets. Synthetic graphite is man-made created through a production process.
15th June 2023
Introduction If you have heard about graphene but are wondering what graphene stocks are, then this will help you understand the graphene market better. As demand for this versatile material continues to grow, thanks to it being integral for numerous industries in the world today, graphene stocks are proving their worth. What is graphene? At […]
14th June 2023
Ceylon Graphite (CYL) deposits in Sri Lanka are the highest-grade in situ underground vein graphite on the planet, with more than 90% Cg. Therefore, CYL has exceptionally low operating costs mining Vein Graphite.
11th June 2023
Ceylon Graphite produced Graphene is extremely thin 2-4 layers and extremely conductive; Graphene is one-atom thick in its monolayer form or approximately 0.32 nanometers in the Z axis. This means that it is all surface; there is no third dimension to it, thus its definition as a two-dimensional (2D) material.
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