Ceylon Graphite’s mission is to be the low cost, low impact, global supplier of the highest quality graphite products, 100% trackable and transparent, to a rapidly growing energy storage market.

Environment, Sustainability and Governance Goals

Health and Safety

  • Working to eliminate all workplace injuries and for no work-related fatalities to occur at any Ceylon Graphite site
  • Focusing on task-management, leadership, and risk reduction
  • Establishing an incident reporting and recording system
  • Consistently exploring avenues for better industrial hygiene
  • Providing occupational health programs for employees
  • Promote proactive data-driven decisions and utilize technology that improves safety experience
  • Ensuring a medical professional is present at all functioning locations


  • Utilizing the most sustainable mining practices globally by disavowing the use of open pit mining
  • Procuring renewable power for all operations and when not possible, implementing carbon mitigation to ensure a zero-carbon footprint
  • Utilizing electric vehicles in all operations as they become available in Sri Lanka
  • Adhering to all rules and regulations instituted by the Central Environment Authority (CEA) of the Government of Sri Lanka
  • Committing to safeguarding the environment and managing potential impacts on water, land, climate, air quality and biodiversity in the vicinity of any mine site
  • Actively improving the existing environment surrounding mine sites
  • Adhering to and updating environmental standards that are protective of the environment at facilities built and operated by the company


  • Employing members of the local community
  • Employing with dignity and humanity
  • Committing to a workplace where employees collaboratively and respectfully working towards Ceylon Graphite’s mission
  • Cultivating a workplace that encourages employees to raise questions and concerns with their managers and supervisors
  • Investing in development programs for technical training and on-the-job experience


  • Collaborating to create socio-economic development so communities can thrive during operations and after mining activities cease
  • Delivering on local development commitments across communities in mining areas
  • Commitments to be determined: possibly take the form of a building for a school with a hospital


  • Commit all members of the Ceylon Graphite team to behave ethically, complying with all laws and regulations and respecting human rights
  • Maintain absolute disclosure and transparency
  • Commit to providing timely, factual and accurate disclosure of material information about Ceylon Graphite
  • Encourage participatory monitoring that engages local stakeholders to build trust, knowledge and awareness of mining activities
  • Require that all areas of the company use a common risk assessment framework based on the International Standard for Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  • Commit to periodic governance training for all board members, to ensure that all directors are familiar with and current with best governance practices
  • Commit to creating an inclusive workplace where men and women have equal opportunities