Ceylon Graphite High Conductive Graphene

11th June 2023

Written By Dr. Mallika Bohm and Dr. Siva Bohm


Ceylon Graphite produced Graphene is extremely thin 2-4 layers and extremely conductive; Graphene is one-atom thick in its monolayer form or approximately 0.32 nanometers in the Z axis. This means that it is all surface; there is no third dimension to it, thus its definition as a two-dimensional (2D) material. Graphene in its monolayer form is also 97.7% transparent, and despite it being extremely thin and transparent it is the strongest material ever tested. This strength comes in part from its flexibility. It’s the most stretchable crystal material ever measured. It is also extremely impermeable. It can even keep out helium atoms. It has the highest thermal conductivity ever recorded 10 times higher than that of copper. And the property that has tantalized electronics for the last decade and half: it has the highest intrinsic electron mobility that’s about 100 times greater than silicon.

Providing accurate, consistent quality control and measurements are key for industry implementation of our Ceylon graphene products manufactured with in-house licensed technology.

Graphene’s Properties and Associated Applications
Engineered Properties ApplicationsIndustrial applications
High surface/weight ratio (specific surface area)Energy storage, Supercapacitors, PEM fuel cells
High strength (~1100 GPa modulus, fracture strength~130 GPa)Composite materials, Incredible rigidity lends themselves to nanoscale pressure sensors
High room temperature mobility                              
(~200,000cm2V-1s-1) and high electrical
conductivity (ballistic electron transfer,
high mobility)
Applications in high-speed transistors, spin devices, single electron transistors, semiconductor memory, QHRS (Quantum Hole Resistance Standard) silicon replacement
High barrier material (impermeable if defect-free)Coating, Membrane, Hydrogen
High light transparencySolar cells, Transparent electrodes and laser materials
High thermal conductivity (Thermal
conductivity ~3000 W/m-K in plane—
and highly anisotropic; ~ 2 W/m-K out of plane) High curability for current density.
Heat/energy storage, thermal management Coatings Wiring materials ( Future EV car Copper Graphene alloy)

All these excellent properties make graphene the latest “wonder material” in advanced materials science and technology.

Mr Sasha Jacob – CEO & Founder Ceylon Graphite

Contact: info@ceylongraphite.com