How to invest in graphite?

05th August 2021


Graphite is one of the most widely used minerals in the modern world and plays a vital role in many areas we take for granted. With its growing demand how to invest in graphite is an important question we should all be asking ourselves, as its value continues to increase.

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon which has layers of carbon atoms and is completely environmentally friendly. It is a soft material yet stable within ordinary atmospheric conditions. It replaced ‘lead’ in pencils and is used in lubricants as well.  It also acts as a conduit which is why it is used in lithium ion batteries and solar panels.

There is evidence that shows that graphite was used in Sri Lanka since the middle of the 1600s.

The Graphite Market

The graphite market is expanding in value as it is one of the most versatile manufacturing materials and because of the crucial role it plays in many industrial products and fire-safe building materials. Further, graphite is an important component in new technology such as mobile electronics and state of the art batteries which has revolutionised energy storage and the transport industry.

As of 2020 China was the world’s largest graphite producer with Mozambique, Brazil and Madagascar taking second, third and fourth places respectively.

Sri Lanka is steadily becoming a key player in the global market, owing to its low production costs as the country has one of the purest forms of graphite, which helps to keep milling and refining costs low. The top quality graphite Sri Lanka offers known as Sri Lankan graphite or Plumbago or vein graphite is provided at a fraction of the mining costs compared to the rest.

The expansion of the graphite market

The graphite market is definitely expanding as the demand for the versatile mineral keeps increasing. This is also thanks to graphene, a one-atom thick layer of carbon atoms layered in a hexagonal lattice, which is considered one of the strongest materials in the world, 200 times stronger than steel, while being more flexible and lighter. It is the building block of graphite and can be moulded into any shape.  

Thanks to graphite’s flexibility it plays a pivotal role in renewable power strong and supply such as in lithium ion batteries and solar panels with a future predicted in fuel cells which convert chemical energy into electricity using external fuel supplies.

Smart phones and electronics are powered by lightweight batteries made using graphite, while graphite is also used in the foil for heat dispersion. On a traditional level graphite is still used in pencils, ceramics, lubricants and grease, kilns, furnaces, incinerators and reactors. It is also found in inks, paints, plastics and polymers not forgetting automotive components.

Investing in graphite

Owing to the great demand for graphite and graphene, investing in graphite will be a rewarding move for your future. There are many noteworthy graphite companies in the global market to choose to invest in. Being knowledgeable and having the necessary information including production levels, management details, operations and site details such as the geology of the graphite mines, will help you make an informed decision.

When you invest in graphite you will be taking direct ownership of stock and thereby become a shareholder. There are not many publicly traded graphite companies, but you can find market leaders offering graphite stocks worth investing in. By checking their pertinent details, you too can capitalise on future possibilities as many global traders and investors are currently doing.


The demand for graphite will continue to rise as the need for innovative technology continues, especially as the world slowly rises from the effects of the global pandemic. There are graphite mines and graphite deposits around the world worth investing in, so check some out today and invest in your future.