The world's finest graphite.

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2018 Asia-Pacific Exploration Mining Company of the Year!

Ceylon Graphite is honoured to be named Mines and Money Asia's 2018 Asia-Pacific Exploration Mining Company of the Year! Learn more about the awards.

Ceylon Graphite CEO, Bharat Parashar, talks about the abundance of graphite in Sri Lanka in the Midas Letter.
Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Ceylon Graphite's, Bharat Parashar, about the company's ambitious plans to mine graphite in Sri Lanka, where the mineral is plentiful.
News Releases

30 Kgs of CYL’s High Cg Graphite Being Tested

July 17, 2018

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ceylon Graphite Corp.("Ceylon Graphite"or the "Company") (TSX-V:CYL) (OTC:CYLYF) (FSE:CCY) announced today that it has sent 30 kilograms of high carbon (Cg) content (90%+) natural graphite from its K1 mine site to Dorfner ANZAPLAN for advanced testing.

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Ceylon Graphite Completes $2million Non-Brokered Private Placement led by Strategic Investment from Mr. Sasha Jacob

May 23, 2018

Ceylon Graphite Corp. (“Ceylon Graphite”) (TSX-V:CYL) (OTC:CYLYF) (FSE:CCY) is pleased to announce it has completed a non-brokered private placement offering of units, at a purchase price of CDN$1.00 per Unit for aggregate gross proceeds of CDN$2,000,000 led by a strategic investment from Mr. Sasha Jacob. Each Unit will be comprised of CDN$1.00 in principal amount of convertible debentures and two common share purchase warrants. The principal amount of the Convertible Debentures will be convertible at the holder’s option into fully-paid common shares in the capital of the Company at any time prior to Maturity in three years, at a conversion price of CDN$0.25 per share. This is a premium of 25% to the current share price of CDN$0.20.

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Large New Graphite Veins Discovered

April 12, 2018

Ceylon Graphite Corp. (“Ceylon Graphite”or the “Company”) (TSX-V: CYL) (OTC: CYLYF) (FSE: CCY) today announced the discovery of two new large graphite veins at a depth of over 200 ft at their K1 site. Each vein is around 18 inches ( 46 cm) across and is situated in ceiling of a drive on the Northside of the tunnel (shown in the pictures below). Samples were taken from the veins and sent to the Geological Survey and Mining Bureau of the Government of Sri Lanka for carbon testing. Laboratory tests indicate a Cg level of 89.2 %. These samples will also be sent to laboratories for micronization to 20 microns and then spheroidization tests. With these two veins and the two found earlier, Ceylon Graphite now has discovered four sizeable veins within the last 15 days. The Company anticipates that there are additional similar sized or larger veins at lower depths and continues to actively pursue its aggressive exploration plan at it’s K1 site. A map of the underground site is shown below.

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Our Mission
We are passionate about efficiently mining the world's finest graphite from locations within Sri Lanka. Ceylon Graphite exclusively mines vein graphite, a purer and higher yield graphite found in scarce supply globally.

The World's Finest Graphite.

Ceylon Graphite is proud to have roots in both Canada and Sri Lanka. Our leadership team is comprised of professionals in both countries, who are working tirelessly and ethically to source and extract this high-demand resource. Graphite will power our modern future. We are proud to be leaders in this space.
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K1 Development Project
Ceylon Graphite’s  First Development Project. Explore the mine and learn more about this development.
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Malsiripura Development Project
Ceylon's wholly owned subsidiary JADS Enterprises (Private) Ltd., a local Sri Lankan mining company that has five graphite exploration Grid units and an exploration license in the Malsiripura region.
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